We offer a full range of dog grooming services ranging from nails clipped to a full groom to breed standard (or your own interpretation). Booking is easy using our online booking system.


We take cash & credit/debit cards

Payment links can be sent after the groom if preferred

Calming Cradle

If you have an elderly dog or one with joint problems or post operative, or even just a bit nervous then we will use the Calming Cradle. This totally supports the weight of the dog taking off pressure on the legs and other joints. They are really comfortable & some even fall asleep in them!

Apologies we don't have Great Dane size available or a human equivalent!

Full Groom

Our full groom includes:-

  • Removal of any tangles from the coat
  • Clip nails & trim pads
  • Check ears, gently clean & pluck if needed
  • Bath with professional shampoo (appropriate to the dogs skin/coat ).
  • All our shampoos and conditioners are PH balanced specifically for dogs and will not strip out the natural oils from the coat or skin.
  • Your dog will be wrapped in a doggie bath robe to keep them warm
  • Gently hand dried - we do not use cabinet driers
  • Styling to breed standard or your own requirements
  • Finished off with a spritz of doggie cologne

Bath and Brush Up

You may have a dog that doesn't require styling but could do with a bath & tidy up, or it may be you just want your dog bathed and tidied between a full groom.

A Bath & Brush-up consists of bathing your dog using one of our professional dog shampoo and conditioners suitable for your dog. Your dog will then be towel dried and put in a doggie bath robe to keep them warm. They will be hand dried their ears will be cleaned & plucked if they need it & their nails trimmed. Your dog will then just be tidied up by trimming the ears, rounds the feet & pads etc. Before they leave us they will be spritzed with cologne.

PLEASE NOTE THIS SERVICE DOES NOT INCLUDE ANY CLIPPING & will be approximately £10 less than the full groom price.

Puppy Introduction and familiarisation with the grooming process

Having a new puppy is one of the greatest pleasures known, that is until you take it for its first groom! Let us prepare your puppy for the inevitable by letting them visit the salon where they can play and have fun. We will get them used to the sights and sounds in a fun way (with treats if allowed!) so that when the time comes its not a big shock to them!

There is no charge for this service as it Is beneficial all round but please call to let us know you are coming so we can get the toy box ready!

Puppy's First Full Groom (under 6 months old)

After your puppy has come in for the free introduction session we offer a discounted price for the first full groom starting at just £20 for smaller dogs (larger dogs or those with matted coats will be more). This service can be booked online & includes bath with a premium puppy shampoo, condition, gentle hand dry, nails clipped, ears cleaned & groomed to your requirements.

Nails Trimmed

It can be bad for the dog to have nails which are too long, particularly the dew claw. If all you need is a nail trim we are happy to oblige & appointment may not always be necessary for this. If you are passing just pop in & if I can I'll do it there and then for you.

Tick Removal

Ticks are understandably rather unpleasant, both in appearance and in their behaviour, and if you find a tick on your dog the temptation to immediately try and scrape it off or otherwise remove it can be hard to ignore. But unless you remove a tick carefully and entirely, you run the risk of leaving part of the tick embedded under the skin, which can lead to a range of potential infections and complications. If you find what you think is a tick then pop into the salon and I will remove it for you safely.