Covid-19 Second Lockdown

Clip and Dip will remain open during the second lockdown 

The online booking system is open although demand is very high and the lead time for an appointment is at least 4 weeks currently.

Please note that social distancing procedures will remain in place for all our protection.

You can book online for any of our services by simply clicking the blue 'schedule now' link above.

The price will be dependent on the breed of dog and condition of the coat but you will be given a price on the day of your appointment before the groom (or beforehand if you want to pop into the salon).

An indication of our prices can be seen under the 'Prices' tab . An accurate price will be given ahead of the groom once the dog has been seen.

I have recently been experiencing people making appointments and then not showing up or cancelling very close to the appointment time. I fully appreciate plans change but if you are unable to keep your appointment I do ask for 24 hours notice. Failure to do this may require payment for the missed appointment before another appointment can be made.