I am away from Friday 13th May until Thursday 26th May. You can still book online during this time but I am unable to answer phone calls or texts until I return.

Please note I am not able to do the very large or heavy breeds such as German Shepherds, large Golden Retrievers/Border Collies etc.

Clip and Dip offers a caring, friendly and professional grooming service for your dog. Debbie is professionally trained and fully insured. Dogs that have had bad grooming experiences in the past and have come to us have left Clip and Dip after their groom happy (please see the feedback). We groom your dog the way it's comfortable being groomed.

See the feedback left directly by customers on the online booking system.

Currently over 660 customers have left a review and we have an average rating of 5 Star in just 4 years. https://storevantage.com/book/Clip-and-Dip/feedback

Open Monday - Thursday & Saturday with easy appointment booking via our online booking system. Please look at the 'Online Booking' tab for instructions. Open from 8am.

At 'Clip and Dip' we know all too well how special your dogs are to you which is why we aim to provide a very friendly and personal service. Your dogs will be groomed in a well equipped purpose designed salon. Cuddles come as part of the service.

We are fully equipped to deal with poorly, limited mobility and nervous dogs. Only one dog is ever groomed at a time meaning it is a calm and pleasant atmosphere for nervous or rescue dogs.

A pre groom consultation will be provided where you will have the opportunity to explain exactly how you would like your dog groomed and styled and whether they have any conditions or allergies we should be aware of. We use a high quality dog shampoo in a range of different types (hypoallergenic, anti-tangle, deep clean, calming & soothing). They are all PH balanced specifically for dogs and will not strip out the natural oils from the coat or skin. The most appropriate one for your dog will be used.

We are not a large dog grooming outfit we are small and specialised and strive to provide exactly the service we think you would like. Please take a look at the testimonials customers have left recently.

Fully Insured

Canine First Aid Trained & Certificated

Dog behaviour trained

For full details of the services offered please visit the 'Services' tab


Our address......

21a Burney Bit

Pamber Heath


RG26 3TJ

email: [email protected]

Payment by cash or credit/Debit card accepted.